My Dream + Your Money = Huge in Europe

Bonjour, Hello and Wilkommen to The Huge In Europe Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to making me famous in Europe.

Please open your hearts and wallets and I am certain we can make my dreams into a reality:

huge in europe huge in europe
*fame simulated

Why you should give

Let's face it: I don't have a chance of getting huge in Europe without some money. And I promise every penny I receive will be spent on getting me famous in one way or another.

I may spend the money on: sunglasses, hair gel, Escalades, women, jumpsuits, fine wine, techno, sports cars, soccer, clubbing or anything else I need to get famous in Europe.

We are taking donations 24 hours a day; please help me realize my incredible dream. I assure you that once I become huge in Europe, I will post pictures of how famous I am and all the awesome parties I go to, so you can live alongside me and realize your awesomest dreams as well.